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As part of the VII National Information Library Week "Infolib Uzbekistan" exhibition and master classes from Uzbek masters of applied art

On October 15-20, 2018, in the framework of the VII National Information Library Week “Infolib Uzbekistan” in cooperation with the Culture and Art Exhibition of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, an exhibition called “Mohir Kullar” (Skillful Hands) and master classes from Uzbek masters of applied art .

The purpose of this exhibition is to acquaint guests of the National Library, participants of the Week, and young people with samples of works by masters of decorative and applied art: pottery, woodcarving, calligraphy, ganch carving, artistic carving and their masters.

N.Sativoldieva took part in the exhibition with examples of works of art and master classes in the direction of Ebru-spring, B.Yuldashev in miniature painting, straw master J.Jumaev and master of national jewelery M.Inoyatova.

Master of art of ebru spring N.Sativoldieva told about the old tradition of book-makers - coloring book covers on the method of ebru spring, showed a master class how with special water and paints you can make bright, colorful book covers.

The artist-miniaturist B.Yuldashev spoke about the dressiness of oriental miniature art and about the important component of universal artistic processes, about the significance of symbols in the works of miniaturists, about the work of modern artists and their works.

The straw master Z. Zhumaev gave information about the history and technique of using straw. “The use of straw applications was once used to decorate the interior of palaces and was considered a true work of art. Today, modern straw art is enriched with new themes and technologies that correspond to the modern human dimension and worldview, ”he said and showed the participants how to make different forms of straw.

The master of national jewelry M.Inoyatova told the participants about the types of jewelry. “Each piece has a special name. Neck and breast medallions can be: Paykoncha, Arpa jevak Zarbgardon, Nozigardon, Tangajevak tumor, Bozvand, Tilla Tumorcha, Buyintumor, Kukraktumor and various clips for hair. Earrings: Turkiston baldok, Qashkar baldok, uсhkokilli yoki uchoyoqli zirak, zulukzirak, oy baldoq, Farg`ona chabaldok Toshkentbaldoq, shaldiroqbaldoq, ko`zli zirak, aravabaldoq, anjirbaldoq. Rings: Afghan ring, Ayriband Uzuk, Shaxonak quyma uzuk. Urama uzuk, copper, gold ring, pilgrim's ring and others, ”she informed and showed examples of each type of jewelry.

Having visited the exhibition “Mohir qo`llar” (Skillful Hands), the participants of the Week received a lot of interesting information from the uzbek masters of applied art and had to ask their questions at master classes.

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