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The Works by Chingiz Aitmatov

The story "Jamilya" brought to Chingiz Aitmatov world fame. This essay, written in 1958, was translated into 30 languages in two years of existence. Louis Aragon, who translated the work into French, called it "The most exciting story in the world, written about love".

This is a story about a young Kyrgyz woman who, in spite of all customs and traditions, boldly goes towards love. In the character of Jamila manifested any masculine traits, something harsh, rough. Cheerful, strong-willed, sociable, but at the same time daring and fair. In her manner of keeping in the house of her husband, whom she did not love, there was something that, for all her modesty, distinguished her from her peers and relatives. The story shows a centuries-old tradition of human rights to sincere, pure love.

In modest Daniyar, who returned from the disability front, Jamila found a friend who could understand her as a person worthy of great love. Daniyar - a vicious, forever with sad, dreamy eyes. In addition to their emotional attraction, they were also interested in folk songs.

Hero - narrator 15 - year-old Seit. Once jealous of all the wife of his brother Seit, ceased to be jealous of her to Daniyar. The teenager realized that it's not just love, the love of two hearts, which could go against the secular foundations. And here, in the teenager the artist whom he decided to bury was again born, because of the begun war. He promised himself to draw, Jamila, and Daniyar, by all means. And he did.

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