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The presentation of the book by Barno Ilhomova "Tungichim»

June 27, 2018 at the National library of Uzbekistan hosted presentation of the book of the practical psychologist in the children's upbringing by Barno Ilhomova called "Tungichim". The presentation was attended by experts in the field of psychology, teachers and educators, as well as library users.

Publisher and poet Nosir Djuraev welcomed the participants of the presentation and introduced them to the essence and content of the book. "This brochure can be a practical guide for parents. To do this, they need not just to read it, but to make a notebook and write down, answer in writing the questions that are given at the end of each topic. Thus, getting acquainted with the book, parents learn to work on themselves and analyze their own behavior and actions in the education of their children," he said.

Member of the Association of psychologists of Uzbekistan Khulkar Tillaeva shared her impressions about the book. "In the book "Tungichim" psychologist Barno Ilhomova thinking about the factors important for the formation of a child. It focuses on the factors that contribute to many negative and positive aspects of the education of children, such as criticism, prohibition, discrimination, praise, incentive, incitement, etc.Psychologist offers in this book their solutions to problem situations.

The author of the book, psychologist Barno Islamova told the following about the history and factors that influenced the creation of the book: "the Birth of a child – it means that the sellers had pleasant troubles. He is deeply concerned. Because they are responsible for the future of their child. When raising a child, parents should cultivate a sense of care for the child, the ability to care for him, to bring up the best human qualities in him. At first glance, it looks like a simple thing. Because some parents do not pay much attention to these aspects. But this indifference, neglect, can create many sad situations in the case of children."

Participants of the event had the opportunity to get acquainted with the book and get answers to all their questions.

Press service of the national library of Uzbekistan