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An evening of memory of a sportscaster S. Danilov "He conquered the stadiums with his game and pen" to mark the Day of Memory and honor

On May 14, 2018, the evening of the memory of sports observer Sergey Danilov "He conquered the stadiums with his game and pen" was held, dedicated to the day of Memory and honors. This year would have been 70 years of remarkable journalist with almost half a century of experience, mentor, athlete Sergey Danilov, who left a bright trace in the media and in the history of sports in Uzbekistan.

At the beginning of the event, a documentary film "He conquered the stadiums with his game and pen", created by the creative group "Muruvvat", was shown. The congregation, friends, associates, colleagues, relatives and friends of the journalist shared sweet memories about Sergei Danilov.

"Sergey Danilov was engaged in basketball and chess during his school years. After graduating from school № 110, he entered the faculty of mechanic-mathematics of Tashkent state University. As part of the team of the University Sergey participated in almost all inter-University, district and city competitions for the University team, and then even at the all-Union Olympics. Thanks to the recommendations of the coaches, he transferred to the Department of journalism of the faculty of Philology of Tashkent state University, which he successfully completed, in parallel to the name behind many sports awards and achievements, including the title of master of sports", - told about his sports life journalist Ilmira Zaynutdinova.

"Sports affection grow in childhood, most often-in school. Personally, in my fifth grade, my gym teacher wrote me to the basketball section. Although then I was called to play volleyball, and fencing, even offered to become a football goalkeeper. And what a boy did not rave about football! I, for example, in 1962, did not miss a single match in Tashkent "Pakhtakor": went with friends from home almost in the morning, rehearsed climbed over a tall fence of “Pahtakor”, hiding somewhere in the shade of the trees, patiently waiting to be "rabbits" to sneak into the stands. Fortunately, the benches were then dimensionless, and the fans were compacted on them to the limit-the stadium-in that particularly successful year for the main team of the Republic was always full to failure. But basketball has become a lifelong love for me. "From article by Sergey Danilov in the newspaper " Tashkent’s Evening"(February 2009)”

Journalist Boris Babayev noted the journalistic activity of Sergey Danilov and said: "He worked in the Newspapers "Physical culture worker of Uzbekistan" ("Sport"), "People's word", "Work" (representative office in Uzbekistan), "Uzbekistan today". Actively engaged in public work-went to the region with lectures on healthy lifestyles and the formation of the workforce sports societies. He was invited to the region as a sports commentator, he acted as a sports observer on the regional radio, many competitions of the regional rank were judged. He was repeatedly elected to the federations of basketball, volleyball, tennis, field hockey as the Chairman of the commissions on propaganda, was a member of the Executive Committee of the Federation of professional Boxing of Uzbekistan. He is also the author of books and films about famous athletes of Uzbekistan".

For his great contribution to the development of Uzbek sports S. Danilov was awarded with honorary signs. In the face of the national Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, the Federations of football, basketball, tennis, Kurash, Boxing, he was several times recognized as the best journalist writing about sports.

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