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Presentation of the book "Foreign policy of CIS countries»

May 14, 2018 at the national library of Uzbekistan hosted a presentation of the book "Foreign policy of the CIS countries", published in collaboration with Professor I. R. Mavlonov with the International team of authors representing all CIS countries. The publication is devoted to the integration processes in the CIS and foreign policy of the Commonwealth. It was attended by teachers and students of the University of World economy and diplomacy, as well as users of the national library of Uzbekistan.

The moderator of the event Dr. of economic Sciences S. Sharifhodjaev noted the relevance, theoretical and practical purpose of the publication. Also, the presentation was made by doctor of economic Sciences, Professor B. Islomov, academic S. Gulyamov, Dr. of economic Sciences S. Evloev, doctor of economic Sciences, Professor R. Shodiev and others. They noted the essence and importance of this publication and familiarized readers with its structure and content.

The author of the book I. Mavlonov noted the work of the international author team representing the member countries of the CIS and outlined their foreign policy approach to the issue of foreign policy developed over the last quarter century, and added: "If in the first section of the book gives descriptions of the formalization process of the CIS, economic integration in the CIS military-political integration cooperation in cultural and humanitarian sphere, the following sections describe the foreign policy of European countries, countries of the South Caucasus and Central Asia. The structure of the book makes it possible to easily compare the main parameters of the foreign policy of the countries, which examines the factors that determine the foreign policy course, the conceptual framework and objectives, the main areas of diplomacy and the main foreign policy priorities of the CIS countries".

"When considering the debatable problems of the foreign policy of the CIS States, integration processes, security issues, various points of view of international experts from different CIS countries, reflecting their national interests, are given. At the end of each Chapter are control questions and a list of references. The book is intended for students and postgraduates studying in the areas of "International relations", "political Science", "Foreign regional studies" in the CIS countries",–said academician S. Gulyamov.

In addition to this printed edition, there is an electronic factual Annex, which presents foreign policy doctrines of the CIS countries, official documents reflecting the activities of the CIS countries in regional integration structures (CIS, CSTO, SCO, NATO, EU), bilateral relations of the CIS countries and neighbouring States, data on the voting of the CIS countries in the UN GA and trade and economic relations.

Participants of the event asked the author questions and received detailed answers.

Press service of the national library of Uzbekistan