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In the National library of Uzbekistan lessons in computer literacy

In connection with announcement of 2015 as the "Year of attention and care for older generation" in Uzbekistan adopted the State program, among the priorities of which is to provide adequate attention, comprehensive support to older people, raising to a qualitatively new level of organization of life and leisure of elderly people. In order to implement this program in the National library of Uzbekistan implemented a social project “Computer literacy and use of Internet”, aimed at increasing computer literacy of older users.

Staff service information and communication technologies, and connections to foreign information-library funds, assists in the adaptation of elderly people in the new information society, which is training to perform simple operations when working with files, folders, office applications, the desired search information in the Internet and in the use of social networking.

While working with elderly users were taken into account the individual characteristics of learners, their patience, attention and absorption. For efficient learning the material, they received clearly illustrated, written in plain language handouts. Training on computer literacy attract more new users.

On meeting with a computer was described components of the computer, additional devices on its varieties and the organization of the working space. Users acquainted with the keyboard keys of their location, with the Microsoft Office programs. Specialists explained work with removable media, work on the Internet, where they learned how to formulate a query to select the right material, create bookmarks, save pages, create electronic mail and communicate in social networks.
In the National library of Uzbekistan ongoing classes “Computer literacy and Internet use”, which will help seniors acquire the skills to communicate with a computer.

The press service of the National library of Uzbekistan