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The image directory

Digitised card catalogue

Digitized card catalog of the National library of Uzbekistan is a search engine for scanned and recognized the image-the images of the catalogue cards of the printed catalogue - the “Image directory”.

Thanks to the “Image catalog” all information about library resources now available to readers via the Internet. In the search result have a possibility to select the necessary information on the subject, to make ordering literature from the “Image catalog” from any computer in the reading room. (ic.natlib.uz)

The “image directory” it is a Toolkit for information retrieval in electronic form of the scanned catalogue cards of the National library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi.

Thanks to the “Image catalog” all information about library resources now available to readers via the Internet. Readers can themselves participate in creating the “Image catalog” by adding entries interesting and frequently requested books. For the work of users and staff in the “Image directory” to a button “Help”.

When searching for the image card should be entered in the search box the name of the author, title, or data from the field "search".

To complete the Order – you need to click on preview.

To save the order you need to enter the number of the ID card and, if necessary, to make the data about the book.

In order to create the image-recording card editor it is necessary to hold the recognition card.

To do this:

-by selecting image-image of catalogue cards and press the button "recognize".
-if necessary, the image-record to edit and click on the "Save" button in the Primary database".

After image-recording is saved, the editor will be able, if necessary, selecting the "Primary database", the record to edit or view.

In the Edit tab of catalogue cards the main editor will be able to make the necessary changes to the entry to transfer the image of the cards in the main base.

Proofreader, working in the master database, can see, edit and even create new indexes using the application "Subject headings".


Corrector after the image of the card get into the main base changing the card status to "Ready" and sends the bibliographic record in IBS.


The next tab is "Report and statistics" - action "Report for work with the catalog cards" gives information about the number of created CC, edited by KK and employees which they were generated. There is a filter by Date of creation and editing.

With the button "Export" and "Import" the image can be added to the database of IBS.