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The International Cooperation

The service of the organisation of international contacts of National library of Uzbekistan was generated on the basis of the department of the foreign literature created in 1956 and urged to carry out organizational, technical and information-methodical maintenance of the international activity of National library of Uzbekistan. The basic functions of service consist of establishment and development of effective mutually advantageous partner communications with foreign information-library and educational institutions, the organisations and publishing houses; representations of diplomatic missions, funds, and also official and private persons abroad. Preparation of bilaterial and multilateral programs of cooperation in the field of information-library activity, formation and culture, carrying out on the basis of library of the international scientifically-practical conferences, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions, and also participation of library in the major international projects is carried out.

Principal view of international contacts of library is the international book-exchange promoting an exchange of the information on achievements of the country partners in different directions. Since 50th years of last century the library carried out communications on an exchange of the literature with libraries and scientific institutions of foreign countries. The library regularly maintained relations with the largest libraries of Europe, Asia and America. And till now the international book-exchange is an important source of acquisition of funds of library the foreign literature.

Within the limits of the international activity the service supports a regular book-exchange with library of the Congress of the USA, National library and archives of Egypt, National library of Korea, National Parliamentary library of Japan, Library Toyo Bunko of Japan, National libraries of France and Czechia, the Russian State library, the Russian National library, the State public scientific and technical library of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and also with large libraries of the CIS countries, such as Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Moldova.

The considerable help in acquisition of fund of the foreign literature is rendered also by the diplomatic services accredited in the Republic of Uzbekistan. In 2012-2015 the National library regularly received as a present information-library resources about culture, traditions, art, the literature, language of the countries of the world from Embassy of the USA, Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Embassy of the State Israel, Germany, Bangladesh, Iran, Pakistan, etc.

The national library also co-operates with libraries of the world within the limits of joint projects on the organisation of professional training.

In 2014-2015 after signing of the Memorandum of cooperation between National library of Uzbekistan and the Central library of University Kyonhi (Republic Korea), National library of Uzbekistan has been organised training for group of library experts of Uzbekistan of the Ministry of national education, the Ministry of the higher and average vocational education, the Ministry of culture and sports, the Main library of Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Health in the Central library of University Kyonhi.

The service of the organisation of international contacts also co-ordinates interaction of National library of Uzbekistan with such organisations as the National commission on UNESCO affairs, UNESCO Representation in Uzbekistan, the Project of development of the United Nations, UNICEF, Goethe - institute in Tashkent and many other things. In frameworks time of National information-library week «INFOLIB» in 2012-2015 educational actions together with the British Council, Embassies of the USA, Republics of Korea, Israel and Azerbaijan are carried out, etc.

At active participation of Embassy of Republic Korea there was possible a project realisation «the Window to Korea» in 2014 thanks to which the fund of National library was enriched with the new information-library resources devoted stories, to language, art and culture of Korea.

At various times the library was visited by foreign delegations of various trades.

In 2014-2015 National library of Uzbekistan has visited over 48 international delegations, among which: visit of the director of Aztatsko-Pacific regional bureau of UNESCO of Mr. Huberta Gizena, delegation of the Lithuanian Republic led by the first deputy of the Chairman of the Diet mr. Vidasom Gjadvilasom, delegation of the assistant to the Secretary general of the United Nations of Mrs. Helen Clark, visit foreign participants of the Central Asian symposium on information-communication technologies in formation and others.

The foreign visitors visiting library, usually with pleasure leave records to "the Book of guests of honour». Records reflect impressions of acquaintance to rich information-library funds, service and the technologies introduced in library.