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Information about the auction (tenders), auctions

The goods name: DVD disks with boxes (printable a disk, a box glass from two parties)
Unit of measure: thing
Quantity: 350
The price: 6000 (six thousand) sum
Стоимостъ: 2 100 000 (two million hundred thousand) sum
Prize number: 4103797
Date of giving of the announcement in the Republican commodity-raw stock exchange: 9/7/2016
Announcement expiration date in the Republican commodity-raw stock exchange: 9/17/2016
The executor: Rakhmonov Alimardon Rasulovich (the Chief accountant of service of financing and accounting) Bodies: (998971 232-83-94 Fax: (998971 239-16-58 Toshkent, 100017, street Navoi 1, an E-mail: info@nalib.uz


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