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Online interactive service is ISBN National library of Uzbekistan

ISBN - (International Standard Book number) - international standard book number. The ISBN number is assigned to a specific edition. Is a means of the improvement of book trade and book distribution. The electronic catalog international bookselling is generated based on the ISBN. To get an international standard book number ISBN, publishers must register on the website the interactive services of the National library of Uzbekistan (isbn.natlib.uz)

To register click “Register”. Registration: registration should very carefully fill in all required fields.


The customer must register as a responsible person of the organization. This will be displayed in the contracts automatically.

On the opened form fill in Bank account details. When filling in Bank details, the Customer must fill in carefully, as they will in the future automatically generated IP in the form of contracts etc. required. In order to apply: “Customer” by using their login and password, please login to your personal profile. After filling all required fields click on the "Register"button.

To add a new application, you must click "Add new application" to start filling in data entry fields.

The first step: the Customer should choose the type of service with the help of arrows-(view services: the ISBN). And wait until the loaded form of the description of the publication.

The program automatically displays information about the publication. The customer must fill in all the information about the publication

If necessary, you can add a description of one or more publications by clicking on the "Add" button, then the button "Create an application" – Step 2.

After writing on the screen “Your application is saved successfully”, “Customer” may download the contract, invoice and description about the publication.

Send and attach documents sealed.


"Customer" needs to transfer the money in the Bank and uploaded in the contract, the invoice to confirm the signature of the head of the organization and sealed. After that, enter in "My applications", attach a scanned contract, invoice, and payment order and click on the "Save"button.

“Customer” by clicking on “read More” can find information about attach an ISBN number and can load the attached documents

The customer need to download the template of the contract and the signed and sealed invoice.

After the necessary paperwork and attach an ISBN number, the Customer can download the Certificate on assignment of an ISBN number.