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The service of systematization and cataloguing


Borisov Vladimir Anatolevich
The head of service of systematization and cataloguing
Tel: (998971) 232-83-94
Fax: (998971) 239-16-58
E-mail: info@natlib.uz
Tashkent, 100017, Navoyi street, 1


The service of systematization and cataloguing was organized in 1921.
The main tasks of the service is:
-formation of a database of electronic catalogues, "Image directory" as part of the reference and bibliographic apparatus of the Library, relevant and contemporary scientific and practical requirements and disclosure through the Library collections;

bibliographic description, classification and processing of library information resources submitted to the library in Uzbek, Russian, foreign languages, and the languages of the peoples of the CIS, including dissertations, abstracts, electronic publications;
-joining full-text documents for bibliographic records on library and information resources available in electronic catalog.

The service participates in the formation of a single information retrieval system for large funds of information-library establishments of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the Republican center of the Union catalog.
Concludes the agreements with the publishing houses of the Republic on national centralized cataloging printed materials in Uzbek, Russian and the languages of the peoples of the CIS.

Takes part in development of methodical documents and standards for cataloging and classification of information and library resources.