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The user registration service



Kim Marina Nikolaevna
Head of user service
Tel: (998971) 232-83-90
Fax: (998971) 239-16-58
Tashkent, 100017, Navoyi street, 1
E-mail: info@natlib.uz



The main task of the user Service is the registration of all library users. The right to use information and library resources the Library provides electronic library card (ID card), issued pursuant to the price list for paid services of the Library upon registration, for a period of 3 years.

Registration to the library is granted to citizens of Uzbekistan and other States, under 14 years of age. For a Library user must present an identity document: passport, residence permit in the Republic of Uzbekistan, military ID. To obtain a library card (ID card) from 14 to 16 years must present the following documents: birth certificate (metric); a copy of the passport of a parent or guardian; a certificate of student status.

ID card (library card) entitles only the personal use of the library and cannot be transferred to another person. Recording, issuing and renewing library cards correspondence is not carried out.
Library card (ID card) is issued for a prescribed fee.

The cost of the ID card:
- 4000 sum (a paper medium);
- 5000 sum (black-and-white plastic card);
- 9000 (colored plastic card).
Provides benefits to pay for electronic library card (ID card): people with disabilities (with disabilities 1 and 2 groups), upon presentation of an appropriate document get electronic library ID card for free.
Numbering and alphabetic index library card when you record in the reading halls of the library is carried out in accordance with the classification. Library card (ID card) is issued immediately after the conversion of visitor to the record, upon submission of the necessary documents. While issuing ID card to the user library systems specialist provides initial introductory consultation.