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The procedure for the provision of services to legal entities

The national library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi improving the system of care users and provides the opportunity to legal entities to register their employees in the National library and receive an ID card remotely.
Assigning a number of the library ticket at the entry to the library is carried out in accordance with the classification.
For example, the AAA 130 000. The code AAA means the national library of Uzbekistan, where: 1) A-Tashkent 2) a-3 district) And library.

1. The entry in the dispatch of documents via e-mail
To do this you must download, complete and send in electronic form to the following address: info@natlib.uz
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2. The entry line.
Please fill out the registration form on the website of ibs.natlib.uz
Authorization on the website of the National library will give You the opportunity to obtain an electronic library card and search the electronic library catalog.
For additional services, such as ordering the paper version of the newspaper, providing access in the reading halls of the library, e-resources, licensed databases and electronic versions of publications, etc., You must register as a user in the library and get a plastic library card.

  1. Recording with a single connection to the accounting system users ("cross-registration").
    Registration of a cross-regional administrators to register users in the areas.
    The numbers assigned to library card when recording is carried out in accordance with the classification.
    For example: BAA 7777 Cipher BAA means ILC Turon, where, 1) – Tashkent area 2) the city 3) And (B,D,E,F...) - library

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