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Hall of valuable books “Nodir”


Service "Manuscripts, unique and valuable books", which was formed in 1917, the Foundation of the service is stored in more than 28 thousand publications. Among them are manuscripts, rare and old books, the first lithographic books and periodicals, materials and documents on the history of Turkestan and the neighbouring countries.


Among the manuscripts and lithographic materials of the XIV-XX centuries in Arabic, Persian, old Uzbek languages, is the collection of manuscripts Oriental subjects: manuscripts of Alisher Navoi, Jami, Zamakhshari. Handwritten Oriental books cover more than a thousand-year period of history.
The most valuable in the scientific and historical aspect, ask and popular among scientists, are the "Turkestan collection", consisting of 594 volumes and "Turkestan album" – 10 volumes, containing over 1300 unique photos of the mid-nineteenth century about the life and customs of the inhabitants of Turkestan, and also periodicals of the Republic in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: "Statement of Turkestan " (1870-1917.), "the Turkestan native Gazette" (1870-1916,) and many others.


- careful preservation of unique and valuable books, manuscripts, illuminated manuscripts;
- studies of rare editions, created in ancient times and the provision of specialist users;
- carrying out bibliographic work in literature, revealing the issues of regional geography and area studies;
- the collection, cataloging and processing of scientific manuscripts, unique and valuable works;
- information and library service users in the reading room "Nodir", consultation on the Fund and reference to the staff of the service;
- establishment of a national electronic directory and electronic database of the documents stored in the National library and referred to the monuments of history and culture of the Republic. With the electronic catalog and an electronic database can be viewed by clicking on the link: nodir.natlib.uz
- preservation and conservation of the most valuable collections of the library;
exhibition and excursion work to promote the rare Fund of the library.