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April 19-20, 2018                                                                            Urgench

The purpose of the conference is to intensify the activities of information and library institutions, educational institutions, archives, museums and other organizations for effective and efficient cooperation in the development and use of electronic information resources in science, education, culture and business.

Contingent: managers and specialists of information resource and information library centers, libraries, publishing houses, archives, scientists, teachers of educational institutions, ICT specialists, public figures, representatives of ministries and departments.

The main organizers of the conference:

National library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi;

The Uzbek Agency for press and information;

The Ministry for development of information technologies and communications;

Ministry of culture;

The Ministry of higher and secondary special education;

Ministry of education;

Ministry of health;

Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

The center of secondary special and vocational education;

The Agency "Uzarhiv»;

The Agency on intellectual property;

The Council of the Federation of trade unions of Uzbekistan;

The Khokimiat of Khorezm region

Information support: NTRK, mass media, website: www.natlib.uz, information and library Bulletin of Uzbekistan "INFOLIB".

The purpose of the conference:

  • to promote effective exchange of experience on problems of formation of electronic information resources, creation of information and library systems and their use in information and library organizations, educational institutions, archives, museums.
  • to promote the creation of associations/consortia for the joint use of information and library (especially electronic) resources, the organization of training centers for the training of new information technologies in information and library business.
  • to strengthen public libraries and educational institutions in the direction of greater use of the Internet, electronic databases, and provide open access to information resources and the formation of their content.

Working languages of the conference: Uzbek, Russian, English.

A collection of materials "Central Asia – 2018: Internet and information and library resources in science, education, culture and business" will be published for the conference.

As a result of the conference, recommendations will be given, which are planned to be displayed in the final document.

For all questions, please contact

Conference organizing Committee:

Uzbekistan, Tashkent city 100017, Navoi street, 1

National library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi

Fax: + 99871 239-16-58 Telephone: + 99871 239-41-18, + 99871 232-83-90

E-mail: conf2018@natlib.uz

Internet site: www.natlib.uz