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Carries out in the prescribed manner the collection and compilation reports on rendering information and library services;

directly involved in providing the readers with the effective use of library information resources of library;

directly involved in scientific research and scientific-methodical works on the requirements and interests of the readers, responsible for organizing and conducting seminars, conferences;

develops recommendations and coordinates the work in the main areas of acquisition, information and library institutions of the Republic, the most completely ensuring them with national and foreign publications (including international exchange);

carries out and coordinates the provision of information and library services to all categories of users with wide application of information and communication technologies, provides the user a convenient choice of terms, forms and methods of information and library services;

studies the processes of providing information and library services and the introduction of new methods and forms of providing bibliographic and information services;

develops recommendations for the development of international cooperation with foreign information-library institutions, publishers, information centers for the study and introduction of advanced experience, development of international interlibrary exchange of information, participation in international library organizations and forums.